SREE HOMOEOPATHIC believes that any person who seeks our expertise in health care is always provided with the best of our services and facilities. Our team of medical experts and support staff constantly serve those needing medical attention. Every effort of our staff stems from our core value of making health care accessible and affordable for all. We regularly upgrade our systems with the latest medical Treatment and technologies and all our staff continually strive for excellence to make health care less painful and complete, through a high level of service to anyone seeking our health care services.

Dr. Y. Seetharam Setty
Consultant Homoeopath

“Doctors very usually make things worse instead of better by spoiling Nature’s resistance to illness by excessive and ill-directed use of their medicines. We have been able to work through Homoeopathy far better than through anything else though it is likely that the force working through homoeopaths who were not conscious instruments might not have succeeded better than with Allopaths."

The Mother
Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Pondicherry, (INDIA).